Our Horses

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Our Horses
Each rocking horse from Epona Rocking Horses is individually crafted by David Gray to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements. They are made in a choice of three sizes to suit any child from one to 100 plus years old and can be mounted on either a Safety Stand or Bow Rockers.
As a guide, the small is great for children from one up to approximately five to six years old. The medium will easily fit a child from two to twelve plus years old, my wife Pauline rides our medium horse. The large will fit an adult rider.
Isabella (almost 2 years old) riding and Lauren (1 1/2 years old) playing together with a Small Horse on Bow RockersThey come in a choice of finishes, traditional Victorian Dappled Grey or Polished Hardwood. Either of these horses can be fitted with a traditional leather saddle with a removable leather bridle in a color of your choice or a unique Arabian style saddle and bridle. All horses are fitted with glass eyes, real horse hair manes and tails, again in the color of you choice. A brass plaque mounted on the stand completes the horse which can be engraved with a personal message. I will also gladly include a family memento, either within the hollow body of the horses to create your own long term time capsule or maybe a picture, letter or lock of hair under the saddle to be found in a much shorter time frame by future generations. Please see our construction page to learn more about how these horses are made.

I make the stands from hardwood, either  North American White Oak, Ash or  Mahogany and will mount the rocking horse on either a safety stand or set of bow rockers.

Safety Stand – It was developed well over a hundred years ago and is very compact stand with the horse being in a slightly more upright stance. This stand has a very unique rocking action and the arrangement of the swing irons ensures there is a limit to the extent of the movement. This is an ideal stand where space is at a premium and you have an enthusiastic rider. It takes up less room than the same size horse mounted on bow rockers and is unlikely to ‘travel’ across the floor.

Bow Rockers – These are the traditional rocker, they are very attractive and have an excellent rocking action but take up more space than the equivalent size horse on a safety stand. It will also ‘travel’, especially when rocked hard and needs plenty of room and supervision to ensure it does not hit your favorite piece of furniture/pet or run over someone’s toes. The horse is mounted with its legs outstretched in more of a galloping stance.

Please see some of the examples of our horses and stands below. Click on the photo to go to the Photo Gallery to see larger images of these and other photos of our horses.

Dappled Grey on safety stand:
A traditional dappled grey rocking horse on a North American White Oakstandwith squarepillars, turned round pillars are also available. The horse has a tan saddle and bridle, red leather saddle cloth and a dark grey mane and tail.
Polished Wood on Safety Stand:
A Honduras Mahogany rocking horse on an Ash safety stand with square pillars. The horse has a dark brown saddle and bridle, green leather saddle cloth and a brown mane and tail.
Arabian Polished Wood on Bow Rockers
A Honduras Mahogany rocking horse on North American White Oak Bow Rockers. The horse has a red with gold trim Arabian saddle and removable bridle with black mane and tail.
Polished Wood on Bow Rockers:
A Honduras Mahogany rocking horse mounted on quarter sawn North American White Oak Bow Rockers. The horse has a black leather saddle and removable bridle, burgundy leather saddle cloth and white mane and tail.
Oak Safety Stand with Square Pillars
An Oak Safety Stand with square pillars finished with a hand rubbed oil based satin finish. Notice how the finish brings out the pattern of the wood grain and the natural color of the oak.
Ash Safety Stand:
An Ash Safety Stand with turned pillars finished with a hand rubbed oil based satin finish. Notice how the ash finishes lighter in color than oak.
Oak Bow Rockers
A set of Oak Bow Rockers, with slatted base, turned end pieces and brass rosettes.