Key gaming trends of today- let’s have a look

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In recent years the growth in digital gaming market has increased and for this, all thanks go to the adoption of tablets and Smartphone.  The rapid increase in the gamer’s strength which included both nontraditional gamers and women is a main reason why this sector has got the boost. It is the booming sector of the entertainment industry and global media. It is also estimated that digital gaming will reach US 272.24 billion dollars by the year 2022 with the compound annual growth pace being 18.98%.  Now let us get in deep about the digital games! The digital game market involves three important platforms- mobile, PC and console games.

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Mobile gaming section engages 38 percent of total global revenues. This is also, the fastest growing segment of the digital gaming market.

Key game trends are as follows-

Distribution of games-

Game content is delivered as digital information and no pay for physical media is important trend till now. The barrier in digital distribution is that entry is considerably low. Large gaming companies have made their platforms for the distributions of games digitally like the Microsoft’s Xbox live market; in this gamers are allowed to purchase as well as directly download digital content. While other platforms consists websites such as origin, steam, etc. adoption of new digital distribution model is important for existing companies to enter in a market and for the survival in the market.

Use of virtual credits and communication software-

These days games are equipped with video application and messaging thereby, allowing smooth communication between players. Developer’s main focus is to monetize the content by facilitating virtual credit system to sold downloadable digital content in-game purchases or within a game.

Adoption of VR and AR technologies-

VR and AR are new however essential trends in gaming which are made available to consumers at affordable prices. So, it can be understood how successful will be the VR in converting hours of dedicated game play into experienced based gaming. While on other hand AR is implementable, its success can be known by night terror and Pokémon go into popularity.

Adoption of esports-

Competitive video gaming is the esports where online players compete with other players in the live environment. A common genre of esports is fighting, multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA, first-person shooters or FPS. Today the gaming companies are ready to invest in this trend because its revenue rose 4 times from 2013-2016. Also, there is the chance of this getting triple by the year 2021. Most of the gamers love esports rather than traditional gaming and their love for esports will continue to increase every year.

Another trend in digital gaming industry includes mobile games. Today you can find several mobile games which are developed by small and large game developers or companies. Gaming industry has the promising future if we look at the above trends. So, if you also, become gamer or want to go in this field then it will benefit you in every way. All you need is creativity and skills that game developers must have.