Transform Your Bathroom’s Look with This Simple and Easy Trick

You want a new look for your bathroom but you don’t want the expense of remodeling. The cost of hiring a contractor, or doing it yourself for that matter, can stretch a budget to the breaking point. Instead of remodeling, updating your bathroom hardware will give the room a totally new look at a fraction of the cost. Aside from painting, adding or changing your bathroom’s hardware is one of the easiest way to transform the look of your bathroom.
But before you get into the project too much, you’ll want to decide on what kind of new look you’re going for. Maybe you’ve had a more modern look to your bathroom and you’d like a more traditional look. Whatever decision you make, you’ll need to make sure the new hardware fixtures will match up to the color of the walls and the theme of the existing bathroom fixtures.

First you could start with the towel racks and toilet paper roller. Mounting these types of hardware is usually pretty simple. Most of them come with metal tabs that are attached to the wall with screws and then the fixture is mounted on them with a set screw to hold it to the tabs. Take a look at the existing hardware and determine how it is mounted. If it has a set screw, a small screw usually on the bottom to hide it, loosen the screw and remove the hardware from the wall. There’s a chance that the mounting tabs already attached to the wall may match up to new hardware. Compare the distance between the tabs from the old hardware to the new. If they match up and the tabs are of the same design, simply mount your new fixture with the old tabs to keep from having to put another hole in the drywall with more screws. This is especially true with toilet paper rollers as they are all, generally, the same size.

Another are you could modify would be the faucets to the sink and shower. There are so many designs and styles to choose from, you should be able to get the new look your desiring. Your choices range from the finish of the fixtures to the design that will match up to the towel rack you just installed. Before shopping for new faucets, you have to keep in mind the model of bathroom sink you currently have. Remove the old faucet from the sink and measure the distance between the mounting holes to assure you buy the correct replacement. As for the shower, modifications are more difficult as it’s harder to get to the backside of the shower to change the faucets. You can, however, change the handles rather quickly by removing the screw in the center of the handle and replacing it with ones that will match up to your sinks new handles.

If you would like to make a bigger change in the decor of your bathroom, you might decide to install, or replace, the sliding glass doors to your shower. Most anyone can install one rather easily. With a tape measure, get the length of your tub from wall to wall where your shower door will sit. Take this measurement with you to the home supply store to get the right size door for your tub. Follow the instructions supplied with the door for installation. Although they all may differ somewhat in their installation, the steps are usually quite simple to understand with very few tools needed to put the door together.

By doing some upgrades to your bathroom hardware, you can save some money in not having to do an entire room remodeling. The products sold at most builder supply stores are, more and more, designed for the do it yourself kind of homeowner. Plan ahead and have an idea of what you want the room to look like and you should be in luck in finding the decor your looking for.

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Be aware of healthy foods recommended to teenagers

Teenagers throughout the world nowadays wish to improve their physique and mind as maximum as possible. They have a crush on the fitness products, exercise programs and diet plans specially designed to be strong without any difficulty. They search for healthy foods mostly suggested to teenagers to be hale and hearty. They can consume low-fat or fat-free dairy products on a regular basis. Calcium in dairy products strengthens the skeleton and enhances the overall bone health. You can prefer the low-fat dairy snack and quit unhealthy fast-food items soon after you have decided to be fit.

Human bodies do not produce fatty acids namely Omega 3s. However, these Omega 3 fatty acids are vital to enhance the mood and brain function further. Fish is rich in this genre of fatty acids. This is advisable to prefer and consume tuna salad twice of thrice a week for your lunch. Healthcare professionals recommend black, kidney and pinto beans to teenagers who wish to lower possibilities of obesity and diabetes. You can include beans in your diet hereafter and fulfil your expectations on the enhanced health.

Five servings of fruit a day give the best assistance for enhancing every aspect of the health. A cup of mango every day is very helpful to boost up the Vitamin C and enhance the immune system further. There is no need to consume only apples and oranges. You can include mangoes and other fruits in your diet plan. Teenagers can consume the whole oats when they like to guard their heart against health problems and reduce unhealthy cholesterol. They can add fresh berries in the whole oats for sweetening the healthy recipe almost immediately. They will feel full for a long time when they properly consume Greek Yogurt. Out of the ordinary elements of healthy foods give different benefits to teenagers.

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